Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week 7


Bike Station:  Me and Jaden were at the bike station on Monday, we had to get our masks and write our names on them. We then decided to take the bike outside and slowly begin to sand off the rust, our hands got really messy.

Notes Station:  As well on Monday we were at the notes station, but since there wasn't that much time left I only got one page done. I still need to do the second page of notes which I will most likely complete today in Study Skills.


Engineering Station:  Today is Tuesday and we did the Sprinkler station we had to get the certain sprinkler types, and we had to make a map showing what would be the most efficient way to water the field.

My and Jaden were on the bicycle station again this time instead of sanding the whole period we tried to break the chain of the bike. Which was very hard due to the entire chain being rusted up, not allowing me to pop the the little rod from the chain.

We as well went in the Sprinkler station that was after the Bike station, we had to try to make a irrigation system to cover our grass field.

Today we all just had a chill day in class we didn't do anything too difficult.

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