Friday, October 6, 2017

SoundCloud Music

I listen to a lot of music....a lot of weird music the artist I listen to, not a lot of people know about them and here are my TOP 10

10. NIB by Black Sabbath

This song really pumps me up for anything and I grew up listening to a lot of rock because of my dad, the guitar and drums and the melody I just really like this song.

9. 01 Days Before Rodeo by Travis Scott                                         

I really like the beat and its a nice chill song that I will sometimes listen to when its late at night and im bored almost like a song to dose off into.

8. The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult                                       

This song gives more me more of a beach vibe even though I don't really go to the beach that much I love going, and the song just has a great smooth chill vibe.

7. Love Scars by Trippie Redd

This song is really catchy and has a good beat I love the bass, bass just pumps me up for anything I feel like if you have good bass on a song it's automatically a good beat. Now I put this on number six because I like that beat and some of his vocals but sometimes his voice gets annoying.

6.  Rockstar by Post Malone

This song has been trending lately and it's a good song I like everything about it from the lyric to the beat. Its a all around good song buts it's starting to get over played so we'll see how long it lasts.


5. My H*e by lilbootycall

Not a lot of people know about this artist he is currently on the "come up" and all of his music is pretty good I just hate that all his songs are very short.

4. Drive By by Lil Peep

Lil peep is as well a rising star he has a pretty big following but no as big as other artist. I not only like his music but also how he is he doesn't care what anyone thinks and now in days that's a rare quality that not a lot of people have.

3. Beamer Boy by Lil Peep

In this song the beat is sooooo good It has a lot of base, this song also went big between is fan base due to him hinting on being bisexual ( which he is) and a lot of people flipped but its also just a good song.

2.  Psycho by lilbootycall

This song has a good beat and the song just talks about how a girl would always call him just when she wanted to but he really love her, this is a good song for when i'm in my "feels".

1. U Said by Lil Peep

This song is great for when i'm in my "feels" and I like the song as well he has been really blowing up.

Those are my TOP 10.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Week 7


Bike Station:  Me and Jaden were at the bike station on Monday, we had to get our masks and write our names on them. We then decided to take the bike outside and slowly begin to sand off the rust, our hands got really messy.

Notes Station:  As well on Monday we were at the notes station, but since there wasn't that much time left I only got one page done. I still need to do the second page of notes which I will most likely complete today in Study Skills.


Engineering Station:  Today is Tuesday and we did the Sprinkler station we had to get the certain sprinkler types, and we had to make a map showing what would be the most efficient way to water the field.

My and Jaden were on the bicycle station again this time instead of sanding the whole period we tried to break the chain of the bike. Which was very hard due to the entire chain being rusted up, not allowing me to pop the the little rod from the chain.

We as well went in the Sprinkler station that was after the Bike station, we had to try to make a irrigation system to cover our grass field.

Today we all just had a chill day in class we didn't do anything too difficult.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Bike Station 5.

If I were to put the bike back together the three parts I would start with would be the body and the two rims. Because they are the main parts you need for a bike to function properly and you also need wheels but I guess that will come later on.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Bike Post

At the Bike station we learned how to take apart and basically put it back together even though Enrique (my partner) did most of the work. It took him a while to get everything off but it all worked out fine, he completely took apart that bike the frame is basically all that was left, there were also parts that he couldn't take off  due to them being all rusted up and stuck to the bike those parts were mostly where the gears were.

Monday, September 25, 2017

PVC Pipe blog #2

Today my New partner is Frank , Frank and I had to cut a piece off the PVC Pipe but we barley cut it half way. All we did was whip out the table and cut the pipe half way. The engineering station is always fun due to Mr Grimm's constant outcome of new Gizmos and constantly having something new for us makes it exciting. Once all the pieces of the pipe were cut he sanded down all the excess plastic and due to all the sanding it came out smooth. We probably sanded down 10 pieces of the total 30 that were supposed to be cut.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

PVC Pipe

Yesterday me and Zach were at a station where there was a 9ft PVC pipe and we had to try to figure out how to cut it into 30 even pieces. First we needed to measured the PVC pipe and tried to see how long we would have to cut all the pieces to make it even for 30 pieces. We later decided to actually calculate and we ended up multiplying 12 times 9 cause there are 12 inches in a foot and if the pipe is 9ft we end up with 108 and we divided that by 30 we then got the answer 3.6, We aswell drew a diagram today to get a good view of what we did work wise

Friday, September 8, 2017

Mr. Grimm's Motor Gizmo

So a couple days ago we did group rotations in Mr. Grimm's class and we tried to get this one motor gizmo to work, so first we tried to plug the wires in some slots to make the motor run but that didn't work. So Then we tried touching the wires together but that also didn't seem to work, so then we realized that the battery was dead. We then replaced the battery and we connected the wires again and it finally worked, I thought the gizmo was kinda difficult.