Friday, October 9, 2015

Blog 6:The Start

So this week I started reading "The Stories Of World War Two" and its a pretty good book ,but one thing I don't like is that there's so many stories about so many people you can never finish the story about someones life in world war two unless they die or something but it can never be like "And then our hero went home" its more like "And he went to battle" or sometimes like this "We have truly lost a good man" but now they can never tell the story of when they went home only when they die or just don't even get mentioned anymore (probably another way of them saying that he is dead) and it gets annoying how I can never find out what happened if they live, its like every story is a cliff hanger (witch sucks) and I just wish they can fix that. Well i'm done ranting ill see you next week.

Friday, October 2, 2015

KBAR 5 or 1 I don't know

So this is my first blog and its supposed to be my 5th but I havn't been doing them (sorry) but anyways i'm reading "The Percy Jackson Series" and what I think about it well its pretty good but one thing I don't like is how the book try's to be funny I mean every time they TRY to make a joke they're very cheesy and not really funny at all and the book is kinda boring so i'm most likely gonna stop reading it but that's all I have for today.