Thursday, January 8, 2015

Today I learned about a utopia if you do not know already its a place where everything is perfect and there is no crime and people go to sleep with there doors unlocked and stuff. You don't really live in a safe heaven (well i guess you kinda do). But many people have tried to make a society of there own it has never really worked mostly (I'm not joking here) because it was too boring they had nothing to explore to think about it was just the same peaceful town day and night day and night and if you ask me that would get pretty boring.I would not like to live in a utopia because it would be what I would call a bit too perfect, like imagine waking up to the same perfect town every day with nothing to think about or nothing to find out about because every thing would be perfect and if its that perfect then everything would be found out. A example of a utopia is Atlantis but they say that it sunk to the bottom of the sea (doesn't sound so peaceful) so we still don't know if it was real or fake. I really don't have anything against utopias only that they are very boring.